Abstract Submission – 19th Annual Meeting of ME-AOHNS

Abstract Submission


You are invited to submit an abstract for The 18th Annual Meeting of the Middle East Academy of Otolaryngology; Head and Neck Surgery, to be held from 26 – 28 May 2023, at the Event Centre, Dubai Festival City in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.

To submit an abstract, please read all of the instructions below:

Abstract submission deadline: 15 February 2023 – 11:59 PM GST.
Notification on Acceptance/Rejection: 28 February 2023 – 11:59 PM GST.
Please note that only electronic submissions are accepted.


All abstracts must be submitted in English using the online submission form on the ENTAcademy website.

General conditions

  1. Abstracts are required for all e-poster and proffered paper presentations.
  2. Abstracts must be submitted maximum by 28 February 2023 (23:59 GST). Abstracts received after this time will not be accepted for judging.
  3. Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  4. Withdrawal of abstracts can only be accepted if notified in writing. It is possible to withdraw an abstract 14 days after notification on acceptance.
  5. If selected, it is the responsibility of the presenter to bear his travel and accommodation expenses.

Presenting Author and Registration

  1. Please verify that your email address (submitter and presenting author) is correct as it will be used for contacting you after the review process.
  2. Disclosure: Abstract submitter and presenter are required to disclose any conflict of interest.
  3. Ensure that all co-authors approve the abstract submission, publication, and potential presentation.
  4. At least one of the named authors of an abstract display must be a registered paying delegate for the conference they are submitting their abstract to Registrations must be received by Wednesday, 15 March 2023.
  5. Abstract submitters must consent to the Policies of Abstract Submission.
  6. Scientific committee reserves the right to exclude any abstract from the scientific program that is not followed by a participant registration at the latest 14 days after notification on acceptance.
  7. Hotel expenses, travel expenses and registration fee will not be paid or reimbursed to any author accepted for oral presentation or e-poster display.

Types of Submissions

  • Free Paper Submission
  • Keynote lecture – 1 hour presentation on a specific subject matter
  • Roundtable proposal – 1 hour discussion between 3 or more experts who will present for 10 minutes each and be hosted by the moderator
  • Panel Discussion – 1 hour discussion between experts on a specific issue with questions directed by the moderator to share different opinions. The moderator will define the presentation and lead the discussion with the panelists.
  • Instructional course – A 1 hour session delivered by one or two instructors which includes explanations using graphics, videos or images.
  • How I do it – 1 hour session which shows his/her experience in a particular procedure

Contents of your abstract

  1. Submissions should include Original Works and Case Reports on the following topics:
    • Otology and Neurotology
    • Cochlear Implant surgery
    • Rhinology and Skull base Surgery
    • Rhinoplasty surgery
    • Laryngology and voice therapy
    • Pediatric Otolaryngology
    • Head and Neck Cancer surgery
    • Vestibular Medicine
    • Sleep Surgery
  2. Scientific abstracts are limited to 1500 characters (approximately 250 words) from the `Purpose’ to the ‘Conclusion’ fields inclusive. (Please do not include the title and the author’s information in the text body (names and affiliations), this information will be required in the web form)
  3. The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to clearly indicate the nature of the study. Write the abstract title in CAPITAL LETTERS. No full stop at the end. The title of the abstract for the Poster or presentation at the meeting should be the same as the title on the submitted abstract.
  4. There are no limitations on the number of abstracts that an individual can submit. However, one individual can only present a maximum of 2 abstract (independent of the format) during the entire conference. If you have more than 2 abstracts accepted, you will be obliged to identify alternate presenters for any abstract above the first two.
  5. The abstract must include the following:



  6. All abbreviations must be defined in first use.
  7. No identifying features such as names of authors, hospitals, medical schools, clinics or cities may be listed in the title or abstract text, as a “blind” review process will be used. You will be asked to enter the name(s) of author(s) and their institution(s), when you submit your abstract online
  8. Statements such as “results will be discussed” or “data will be presented” cannot be accepted
  9. By submitting an abstract, the authors confirm that the abstract is their own original work, is not defamatory or unlawful and does not infringe anyone else’s rights
  10. Submission of material which has previously been submitted and or presented elsewhere is welcomed providing copyright is not infringed
  11. No amendments or additions to abstracts or authors can be made once your abstract has been submitted. Please ensure that all information is correct and all authors are listed when submitting
  12. Please note that all submissions are subject to proof reading and editing
  13. Use of brand names for all references to products or companies, generic names must be used. The brand name can be inserted as a reference at the bottom of the abstract page. Papers containing brand names/company names in the abstract text (i.e. not in a reference at the bottom of the page) may be rejected for this reason only. Conference scientific committee reserves the right to replace any brand name with a generic name without further notice.
  14. Images that are uploaded to follow the abstract are not guaranteed inclusion in the conference materials


  1. Judges appointed by the Scientific Committee will assess and judge scientific abstracts for both poster and oral presentations.
  2. To avoid any conflict of interest, a “blind” review process will be used.
  3. The decision of the judges is final.

All submissions should be submitted by 15 February 2023.
To submit your abstract, please also fill the below ‘ME-AOHNS Abstract Form.

Abstract submission deadline: 15 February 2023 – 11:59 PM GST
Notification on Acceptance/Rejection: 28 February 2023 – 11:59 PM GST
Please note that only electronic submissions are accepted.

We are pleased to announce the “Heinz Stammberger Resident Research Competition” that will be held at the upcoming 18th Annual Meeting of the Middle East Academy of Otolaryngology; Head and Neck Surgery from 26 – 28 May 2023.

The Middle East Academy of Otolaryngology (MEAO) will sponsor the travel of 30 trainees and young otolaryngologists from across the globe (including air tickets, accommodation, and registration) to attend the event in Dubai and present their research work.
If you are a trainee or an otolaryngologist under the age of 30 and are interested in presenting your research at 18th Annual Meeting, please submit your abstract to us no later than 15 February 2023.

We will select the top 30 submissions to receive the sponsorship (1000 USD to cover expenses towards travel, accommodation & registration), and in addition the three best research papers presented by the residents will receive the “Heinz Stammberger Resident Research Award’’ trophy and a cash prize.

Submission instructions for oral presentations:

Participants should be an ENT resident in good standing or a recent graduate (less than 30 years old) with good knowledge of English to present the study and to join in the discussions.
The submission should contain the following:

  • Topic of presentation
  • Abstract (limited to 150 words)
  • Resume(s) (maximum two pages) including all recent publications
  • Letter from the Head of Department documenting the status of the applicant
  • Presenter(s) identifying information as follows:
    Full name:
    Current Status/position:
  • The manuscript must not exceed 10 pages of double spaced text, excluding references
  • Include one slide in your presentation detailing your level of training and exact contribution into the research

All submissions should be submitted by 31 January 2023.
To submit your abstract, please also fill the below ‘Resident Abstract Submission form’.

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